When I was a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin in the 1990s, I was an occasional guest host on a public affairs program of the local PBS station. In 1997 I interviewed the philosopher Richard Rorty.

DIET SOAP PODCAST #201: RICK RODERICK AND THE POLITICAL UNCONSCIOUS: In January 2014, Douglas Lain interviewed me about the late Texo-Marxist philosopher, Rick Roderick, and my work on the political unconscious. The podcast is interspersed with lots of good music and sound effects.

DIGITAL DIALOGUE 18.  In November 2009, I joined Penn State’s Christopher Long for a podcast of his Digital Dialogue to discuss my book, Democracy and the Political Unconscious. This is part of Chris Long’s ongoing project to use digital media to continue Socaratic dialogues.

NEW MEDIA AND CIVIC LIFE. In this podcast in Brad Rourke’s series, Public Life Today, we discuss how new media can benefit civic life.

HAL SAUNDERS VIDEO. Here is a video of Hal Saunders’ guest lecture in my seminar at George Mason University on democratic transitions in post-conflict conditions in which he talks about his practical research on the centrality of relationships in overcoming conflict.

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